Managing Your Grant:

Grantees, it is our pleasure and privilege to partner with you. Notification of your award will come with the grant check and agreement.  After a thorough review, please sign the agreement, make a copy for your records and return the original to the foundation.  For a copy of the agreement, please CLICK HERE

While not required, if so desired, CLICK HERE to download a foundation logo for use on your organization’s printed materials, website, e-blasts, etc. Note, when making an acknowledgment, please use the full name: Joseph Henry Edmondson Foundation. 

Final Report:

One year following the payment of each grant, the Foundation requires that the responsible officer in each recipient organization submit a report regarding what has been accomplished with the funds granted. These funds may only be expended for the purposes indicated; funds not so spent must be returned to the Foundation unless other arrangements have been approved by the Foundation. A full and final accounting must be made on the occasion of the completion of the project.

The Foundation utilizes the Colorado Grant Report Form, located at: