Managing Your Grant

Managing Your Grant:

Grantees, it is our pleasure and privilege to partner with you. Notification of your award will come with the grant check and agreement.  After a thorough review, please sign the agreement, make a copy for your records and return the original to the foundation.  For a copy of the agreement, please CLICK HERE

While not required, if so desired, CLICK HERE to download a foundation logo for use on your organization’s printed materials, website, e-blasts, etc. Note, when making an acknowledgment, please use the full name: Joseph Henry Edmondson Foundation. 

Medical Research Grants:

The Foundation may support high-quality, innovative medical research. For those medical research grantees, the Foundation follows a Medical Research Policy outlining its medical research funding vision, as well as specifics regarding intellectual property rights.  In addition, the policy outlines that with respect to the grant funds, grantees shall agree to spend no more on facilities costs, general costs and administrative costs than the lesser of the following in any 24-month period:

             (1) 10% of the grants during such period; or

             (2) $5,000.

A copy of the policy is available at the Foundation office, as well as will be sent to the grantee in conjuntion with the grant contract.